Case Studies

Transformation brings positive results.

These case studies prove it.


Opening the Door for Homebuyers [Web Design]

Comfort Home Inspection’s previous website had good photos, a modern layout, and an all-around nice feel. But with a lack of traffic to their site, it was time for a refresh. We found their website’s problem was in the content.

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Converting a Converter’s Branding [Logo & Branding]

AFP is a grounded company with a three-decade history. Unfortunately, their website and logo were nearly just as old. See how we brought AFP into the modern digital age.

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Cleaning Up for Home Inspections [Brochure]

Comfort Home Inspections had a brochure that they would give to realtors and homebuyers, and while adequate, the brochure was lacking in design and messaging.

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Assessing a Valuation Firm’s Digital Property [Web Design]

While their team has years of expertise, Patchin Messner Dodd & Brumm’s website had very little content describing their services. If a prospect got to their website, they may not have taken further action further action.

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New Life for a Recycling Brand [Branding]

During our web redesign meetings, owner Lance Chastek showed us the witty, friendly personality of himself and his business. He even suggested offhand having a “crazy” voice for the brand’s new website. We loved the idea.

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