New Life for a Recycling Brand

Case Study: New Life for a Recycling Brand

The Client

Certified Recycling is a team of recyclers that helps residential and commercial customer safely and securely recycle their appliances, electronics and furniture. The Burnsville-based company accepts drop-offs at their warehouse as well as and runs pickups all across the Twin Cities.

The Problem

With an outdated design and platform, Certified Recycling needed a new website. While approaching the redesign, we noticed their branding wasn’t anything that stood out. Most of their brand voice was basic business talk that nearly every other website had and their colors had not yet been formally established.

Screenshot of old Certified Recycling website before redesign

Then, during design meetings, owner Lance Chastek showed us the witty, friendly personality of himself and his business. He even suggested offhand having a “crazy” voice for the new website. We loved the idea.

Our Solution

We gave Certified Recycling a brand voice that is equal parts casual, witty, entertaining and personable without sounding lazy, uncaring or inept. At the end of the project, we wanted Certified Recycling to be a fun and helpful escape from boring recycling companies.

Quote from Certified Recycling team

Our designers gave the Certified Recycling brand a much-needed makeover. We selected a set of typefaces from the Lato family that helps convey their message clearly and nailed down the foundation of their brand colors with greens #006937, #038203 and #C5E870, and gray #cccccc.

Certified Recycling mockup of new website after redesign

The Results

Certified Recycling now has a brand that is both unique to many businesses online and certainly one that stands out in the recycling industry. Their voice carries a casual yet confident tone and their colors prominently show off their brand for both residents and companies.


Tools Used


Staff Involved

Nick Reif

Nakina Grahn
Susan Staupe
Paul Kragthorpe