Opening the Door for Homebuyers

Opening the Door for Homebuyers [Case Study]

The Client

Comfort Home Inspections, Inc. is a home inspection company for new and returning homebuyers. They give pre-purchase home inspections in Minnesota and Nevada, and their services are searched for by both home buyers and realtors.

The Problem

Comfort Home Inspection’s previous website had good photos, a modern layout, and an all-around nice feel. But with a lack of traffic to their site, it was time for a refresh. We found their website’s problem was in the content.

If a customer found the site, there wasn’t much content to explain what they do, how they do it or why a customer should choose Comfort Home Inspections over a competitor.

Too little content also affects Google rankings. Google will list other home inspection websites with more content higher than Comfort Home Inspections.

Screenshot of website
Screenshot of company's awards

Our Solution

We first created a new sitemap with pages for their inspections and add-on services, blog posts and each geographical service area (in addition to standard Home/Contact/About pages).

We then moved their domain to a more versatile platform, created a design with their branding, and built the new website from scratch.

Finally, we added content to every page, listing their major selling points, how their inspections work, and why both realtors and homebuyers should choose them instead of another home inspection company.

The Results

Their new website is full of content explaining what they do and how they do it, and organized so homebuyers and realtors in Nevada and Minnesota can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Screenshot of Comfort Home Inspections website home page
Screenshot of Comfort Home Inspections website blog

Though we only had about 30 days of data to benchmark against, the results were clear. In the month before the redesign, their old site showed 19 visitors, 50 page views, and an average of 2.5 minutes spent on the site.

Within just one month after their site launch, they showed 125 visitors, 484 page views, and an average of 4 minutes spent on each page, and site activity has only grown since.

Screenshot of Google analytics traffic after website launch

Their new website is also being listed higher and more frequently on Google search results. Their old website barely broke the top 10 pages for common search terms by homebuyers and realtors. With their new website, Google was listing Comfort Home Inspections for terms like “new home inspections in Mankato” and “prepurchase home inspection in Minneapolis.”


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Staff Involved

Susan Staupe

Nakina Grahn
Nick Reif
Kelsey Wetterlind