3 Signs Your Business is Ready for Social Media Marketing

July 26, 2021

3 Signs Your Business is Ready for SMM

What’s up, [small business owner]? Sorry, I don’t know your name … I promise this blog wasn’t written by artificial intelligence (just average human intelligence 😉).

Anyway, you’re unsure about social media for your company. Makes sense! Social media covers a lot of ground and can be a big mess when done wrong.

Truth be told, sometimes social media isn’t right for companies and that’s okay! But if these three signs fit you, then you’re probably ready to start using social media for marketing your small business

1) You’re Willing to Put Yourself Out There

I’m not talking about strictly promoting your services and web pages. I’m talking about putting your personality on full display for the public. This could mean:

  • You, specifically, as the face of the company.
  • Your staff, especially if they have fun in the workplace.
  • Your brand as a character. Kwik Trip is really good at this!

Kwik Trip twitter post apologizing to entire state of Wisconsin

Why? Look at the social media channels out there and see what’s popular on them:

  • Facebook: Connecting with people’s daily lives on a personal level.
  • Instagram: Sharing cool visuals and interests.
  • TikTok: Having fun, interacting, and being in the moment.

That’s the type of content that makes an impact on these channels. Simply promoting services and products isn’t enough. You have to be willing to share a public personality that keeps things interesting and connects with people.

2) You Can Handle the Heat

Of course, putting yourself out there means you’re going to get some backlash. It’s just part of the process—People love to vent on social media.

If your business makes a mistake, gives bad service, or has another problem pop up, social media users will have no problem roasting you for it. Sometimes it’ll be an overreaction, other times it could be deserved.

If you have thick skin, then you’re ready to take on social media. If you don’t think you’ll be able to handle it, then it might be a good idea to stay away (or hire an agency to monitor it for you).

3) You Can Communicate Without Sales Jargon

If every post you make seems like you’re trying to hawk a product or service, then you’re not going to get much engagement. People get annoyed by robotic posts that seem phony.

Loosen up! Don’t overthink it. Got something you wanna say? Then say it like you would if you were having a face-to-face conversation. Being human won’t hurt your professionalism.

And look, I’m not saying you shouldn’t promote your services or products. Definitely go for it—This is marketing we’re talking about here! Just make sure you’re doing it in an interesting way that doesn’t read like a sell-sheet.

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