3 Tips for Compelling Print Marketing & Direct Mail Campaigns

April 26, 2021

Tips for Compelling Print Marketing & Direct Mail Campaigns

Print marketing may be traditional, but it’s still a powerful option to get your business out there. A lot of companies still get solid leads from print and direct mail campaigns and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

Thinking of promoting your company with print and direct mail? Great! Here are three tips to help you make some compelling campaigns that get leads.

1) Integrate With Digital Marketing

The world is online. Your printed materials should complement this reality. Whether you’re promoting a product or service offer, an exciting announcement or simply a fun postcard, you’ll want the item to contain your website URL or even a QR code.

2) Embrace the Senses

Digital channels are almost entirely visual-based. But with printed materials, you have the chance to put something tangible into the hands of your audience.

In addition to beautiful visuals, include different textures or styles of paper to make the experience more engaging. When you appeal to more than just the eyes, you give yourself a better chance at sticking in people’s minds.

3) Use Targeted Lists

Some types of marketing can be called “spray-and-pray” campaigns. For example, a billboard is visible to anyone in an area and has no way of filtering out irrelevant audiences. You put it out there and pray it brings in quality leads.

Direct mailing should not be approached this way unless you offer a very general product or service (e.g., groceries). Make sure you’re sending your content to people who are already in your CRM or a list from a direct mailing company that’s filled with people who fit your target market.

Make Your Business Stand Out With Print & Direct Mail

Print marketing can make a big impact. At CG Marketing Group, we’ll create printed marketing materials that will make your brand memorable, inspire customer action and give your brand credibility.

Our goal isn’t solely to print your logo on stuff (although we do that, too!). We’ll collaborate and create campaigns that will help your company get more leads, increase revenue and grow.

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