5 Things To Love About Search Engine Optimization

February 14, 2020

5 Reasons To Love Search Engine Optimization

🎵“All my life I’ve prayed for someone like you. And I thank God that I, that I finally found you…”🎵

That song’s about SEO. True story.

(Eyes dart back and forth)

Alright, FINE! It’s not about SEO. I just wanted to find a romantic theme for this blog, what with it being Valentine’s Day and all. Please don’t sue us, K-Ci & JoJo!

But seriously, it feels really good when you find exactly what you’re looking for on Google (or Bing, Or DuckDuckGo, or whatever other trendy search engine is being used these days). Likewise, it feels really good when your ideal customers can easily find you online.

Search Engine Optimization is the key. Here are five things we love about SEO.

1) It helps you show up higher in Google results

If you’re not on the first page, your website won’t be found. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, people do go beyond the first page of search results.

The first page can often be filled with advertisements, Wikipedia articles or other informational websites, so there’s a chance that you won’t always find exactly what you’re looking for on page one.

Still, if your website shows up closer to the top, you’ll put yourself in a better position to get more eyes on your brand, which leads us to…

2) More people will visit your website

Who doesn’t want more website visitors? More visitors = higher potential for conversions. Even if you don’t have a traditional conversion path, brand awareness is always a good thing.

3) It’s cheaper than PPC

We’re not knocking PPC, but SEO is cheaper. We had a client who got 10 PPC conversions while a one-time SEO update gained them over 71 conversions in the same amount of time at a much lower price.

4) It makes your website more relevant to potential customers

Through extensive research and strategic keyword placement, you can optimize your website copy to speak directly to your ideal customers. ← That’s the corporate way of saying that good SEO appears natural and conversational.

Your web pages should feel as though they’re talking directly to the user. You know a guaranteed way to ruin your copy? By stuffing too many damn keywords into it!

Don’t keyword stuff your copy. It looks stupid and it doesn’t work.

5) It gives a stronger online presence for local brick-and-mortar businesses

More people are searching for “near me”, so if you set up your website accordingly, people will find you. You also need to use Google My Business (GMB).

If you have a fully loaded GMB page, you’ll have an advantage when people in your geographic area search for your company or a keyword related to your company. A GMB listing looks like this…

Example of Google My Business

Google could show preference to GMB listings going forward. There’s even a possibility that people will start using only GMB listings instead of going to individual websites.

Set up your GMB and fill it with all of the information you’d want potential customers to see. This could be hours of operation, pictures, posts, reviews, and even an FAQ section.

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