6 Cringeworthy Fall Slogans to Avoid

August 31, 2021

Cringeworthy Fall Slogans to Avoid

Every year as summer ends, marketers and business owners break out the same stale, overused fall slogans and phrases to sell products. While these slogans are easy and relevant, the constant use of them washes out your messaging and can weaken your brand.

Our advice: Turn over a new leaf (bleh) and avoid these fall copywriting clichés.

1. “Fall into Savings”

Sure, it was clever when it was first used, but it becomes white noise when we constantly see “Fall into Savings” in autumn ads, or simply “Fall into” wedged before any and every type of product, even if it doesn’t make sense (“Fall into Fitness!”).

2. “Fall in Love With…”

This one is similar to “Fall into…” but its frequent use makes it worth listing. Just stay clear of most puns that use the word “fall,” like “Falling Prices” or “Fall back on Great Service.”

3. “No Tricks, Just Treats”

Again, overused, but this one can also suggest that there’s even the option of you offering tricks at some point in time. Just give them the goods, but call your product by name instead of resorting to Halloween wordplay.

4. “Spooky Sales”/“Scary Savings”

There are better ways to incorporate Halloween into your marketing. It’s safe to use orange and black colors here and there in your marketing materials or for a graphic designer to turn your logo or mascot into a pumpkin for the week. It won’t steal the whole market, but at least it’s not cringy.

5. “We’re Thankful for YOU”

Yes, Thanksgiving is an appropriate time to give thanks, and we’re all thankful for our customers and clients. But using this effortless phrase loses its meaning when everyone says it. Instead, if you’re really thankful, offer a sale or host an event.

6. “Gobble Up These Savings”

Please don’t say “gobble.” Using “Thanksgiving Sale” is good enough here. “Sale,” “Save” and “Free”—though also used often—have a powerful effect in marketing.

Bonus: Obligatory Pumpkin Spice References

Pumpkin spice is fun and tasty, but don’t shoehorn it into your content. Especially if it’s unrelated to your products or services. Example: “Savings as good as pumpkin spice!”


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Creating Good Seasonal Content

If you really want to craft an effective fall advertisement or campaign, think about how your products can uniquely incorporate the season.

Do you sell granite countertops? Film yourself cutting a pumpkin pie directly on the surface and post it to your social media pages to show the durability of granite.

Own a gym? Think abstractly. Try: “Even the trees are shedding a few.” (Yes, gym owners, you can use that one for free).

A good rule of thumb: if you’ve seen it before, don’t use it again.

More Marketing Help

Want a solid fall marketing campaign? Craft unique, creative marketing messaging that gets the attention of your target audience.

As for the clichéd lines? We’ll just let these phrases fall into the trash.

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