6 Must-Haves For Company Branding

July 30, 2020

6 Must-Haves For Any Small Business Branding

🎵🎵“Whooooooo are you? Who, who? Who, who?”🎵🎵

Mr. Daltrey asked you an important question, dear anonymous blog reader. Who are you? We’re not talking about you as an individual, we’re talking about your business, specifically your brand.

Branding is made up of everything consumers experience when interacting with your company. The customer experience goes beyond just graphic design and messaging. Your brand should be viewed as a living, breathing entity.

Good branding should uplift people. It should allow them to easily envision a better version of themselves. No pressure or anything, right?

This blog post isn’t about lead generation. Let’s just get that thought out of our minds right now. Branding is about building your business for long-term success through the following strategies:

1) Consistency

Whether you have a ton of marketing channels or only a few, you need to be consistent with how you present your brand. For example, you can’t say one thing on your social media only to say something completely different on your website.

2) Authenticity

It’s surprisingly common for people to have difficulty grasping this concept. Many business owners try so hard to get people’s business that they cover their brand in confusing jargon or even outright lies.

You know what impresses people? Quality and fair pricing. Be yourself and don’t put up a facade. If your products and services are good, you’re 75% there.

3) Voice

Speak exactly like the internal dialogue of your clients, prospects, and target audience. In other words, if you’ve done this correctly, the people visiting your website will feel like you’re speaking to them conversationally.

This is easier said than done, of course. It requires a lot of research and superior copywriting. Maybe you have the means to do this on your own, but otherwise it might be a good idea to hire an agency.

4) Pain Points, Niches & Bon Jovi

Find the intersection between what you do amazingly well and what people need, then establish your specific niche and be known for it. Your customers have a specific pain, and your brand is their medicine.

🎵🎵Your love is like BRAND MEDICINE! Brand medicine is what they need!🎵🎵 … Okay, I’m done.

5) Presence

Where does your target audience hang out? Do they go on sites like Facebook and Twitter, or are they more of a message board kind of crowd?

Whatever channels they use, that’s where you should focus on to generate value. The more present you are in people’s lives, the more trust and loyalty you’ll earn.

6) Emotive Appeal

Getting customers to feel emotions about your company is a culmination of colors, language, persona, and a clear definition of your brand’s DNA.

If you have a cohesive appearance and vision, people will start to correlate you with their favorite things. I guess you could say, you’ll be one of a few of their favorite things

… Just kidding. I’m not singing again, I promise (In this blog, at least).

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