Looks That Kill: Expert Advice On Graphic Design

March 14, 2019

Expert Advice On Graphic Design

Vince Neil and the boys weren’t singing about graphic design, but we’ll act like they were and sing it louder than hell. See that? Two Mötley Crüe references in one sentence!

Glam Metal had something very right: People love visual stimulation. This applies just as much today as it did back in the ‘80s. Actually, it might apply even more!

People are on their mobile devices constantly now, and some of the most popular social media channels are Instagram and YouTube. Consumers are attracted to visuals that make them feel a connection to people and brands.

To get some expert opinions on what’s important in design these days, we asked a few questions from our rockstar graphic designer, Sharee.

1) What makes a great logo design?

A logo plays a major role in how your customers will perceive your brand, so understanding the brand is key and a great logo can tell a story about that brand. Picking the right colors also carries a lot of weight. Colors can evoke specific emotions and ideas.

2) What do you think are the most important elements of web design?

Providing a good user experience through a quality user interface. Websites need to be clean, simple and easy to navigate while getting the key message across. Also, speed!

As a designer, you feel like you need to pack a bunch of cool elements into the site, but you have to keep in mind how much bandwidth those cool elements are taking up. Waiting for things to load and using laggy, slow interfaces is frustrating for users.

3) How important is branding and what are the best approaches to branding content?

So important! It’s the face of your company and it’s the way your customer perceives you. Having a unified story and look leaves a memorable impression on consumers, which in turn creates trust. People are more likely to purchase from a business that appears polished and legitimate.

The best approach for me when helping our clients build their brands is to do my homework to learn about the company.  Learn what they want to accomplish, who their audience is and who their competitors are.

I always try to figure out what the brand voice is; is the company professional, friendly, quirky, authoritative, technical, promotional, conversational, passionate? This information will set the tone when designing.

4) What should be considered when choosing web page images?

  1. Quality should always matter. Grainy and poorly reproduced photographs on a small business website can be an instant deal-killer.
  2. Taking photos or finding images that cohesively work with the brand. When choosing images, I strive for originality. I suggest that every company hire a photographer so that they have original and unique photos that can connect with their audience.
  3. Color, cropping, filters, style, and orientation should all be taken into consideration.

5) What qualities are important to being a graphic designer?

Good communication. A designer’s job is to communicate a client’s story, brand, and ideas. You’ll also need good communication skills in order to present, charm and negotiate for your work.

The ability to take criticism is also essential, which is possibly the toughest thing for any designer. It’s important to be receptive and open-minded and understand that when our work is under criticism there’s no need to take it personally.

As a designer, you have to be good at taking direction to improve your work and build on communication. It’s an evolving process and often produces positives in the end.

Lastly, keep positive. There are enough assholes around already.

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