Our Most Requested Services By Business Owners

October 17, 2017

Our Most Requested Services By Small Business Owners

From our start over forty years ago, we’ve built up our offerings from just printing to include digital marketing and strategy, and we continue to add more services every year. Here are our most requested services by business owners from all around the Twin Cities.

1. Logo Design

Our graphic designers craft logos for businesses all around Minnesota. We take your company branding and look at modern design trends to create a logo that defines your business and speaks to your customers.

Adobe program being used to design a logo

Have a sketch of what you want? Even better. We’ll draft it up and give you an option or two of what will appear best across print, digital and apparel.

2. Websites

Your website is often the first thing potential customers see from you, and it should reflect you and your message accurately. It should have your brand colors, fonts and writing style to keep you separate from your competition.

Website development code

Even current customers should look forward to returning to your site. It should be easy to navigate and full of relevant written content. We’ll design brand new sites and revamp outdated websites for companies in almost any industry.

3. Marketing Mentor

Our Marketing Mentor program is ideal for companies who have a great product or service, but little time or effort to spend on marketing. Our strategists, designers, writers and developers come together to offer you:

People in a coffee shop meeting taking notes

A successful business needs both great products and great marketing. We’ll help you get the attention of customers and retain their relationship to build your sales.

4. Printing

We print thousands of flyers, brochures, letterhead, mailers and more every year. Our print operators know how to make marketing materials come out looking professional, and we even have 5,000 square feet of warehouse to store your prints until you’re ready to use them.

Printer ink cartridges

Even if you don’t have a layout or graphics ready, our designers can take your message and create an entire piece from scratch, all at your approval.

5. SEO

Many people don’t know that Google results aren’t random, and you can actually control where you show up when customers search for your products.

This practice is called SEO – search engine optimization. When we tweak parts of your website like your content, images and layout, Google relists you closer to the number one spot in the search results.

Person holding a tablet with online marketing notes on it

This listing is important because users rarely venture past the first page of Google, and the majority only pays attention to the top five results.

We’ve helped companies get huge boosts. One Minneapolis business moved from listing on the 7th page to the number 4 spot on the first page in a matter of days. Where do you rank when customers search your product?

About Us

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