The USPS’s New Service will Change Mail Marketing – And it’s Free

November 7, 2017

The USPS’s New Service will Change Mail Marketing

We all just got an extra handle on our physical mail. Ever wondered exactly when that important letter will arrive? Want to know what should be in your mailbox when you get home (and not in the hands of someone else)?

Earlier this year, the United States Postal Service officially introduced Informed Delivery®, a free service that allows you to preview the front of your direct mail pieces hours before they’re delivered.

Residents can sign up for the service for free and within a few days, they’ll start getting a morning email with images of the outside of common-sized mail pieces that are scheduled to be delivered that day.

As of now, the service doesn’t include larger pieces, such as magazines, catalogs, and flyers. You can also view your mail from your the app or website in addition to email, as well as track packages delivered through the USPS.

The benefits of Informed Delivery

Envelopes and mail stacked on top of each other

Aside from making mail management a little easier, this program allows you to have more control over what goes into that small box at the end of your driveway.

Theft reduction: If you see an image of a mail piece in your email but don’t find it in your mailbox later that day, you can report a theft sooner rather than waiting a few more days for it to arrive.

Travel plans: Stay aware of what’s in your mailbox even when you’re countries away. If something important is being delivered and can’t wait until you get back, have a family member or friend pick it up.

Expecting important mail: Have a cash-filled birthday card or new credit card coming in the mail? Once you know when it’s on its way, you can plan to get to the mailbox a little more quickly.

Package management: Leave package delivery instructions right on the website or app, or reschedule a missed delivery for a time when you’ll be home, instead of having to make an extra stop at the post office.

How it works

It takes about five minutes for users to get started, and almost anyone who receives mail can sign up (though the service is still unavailable for some multi-unit buildings).

1. Head to and click the signup prompt. sign up buttons

2. Check if you are eligible to receive Informed Delivery. signup page

3. Create an account. account creation page

4. Answer four security questions. verification questions example

After setting up your account, it’ll take a few days to start receiving mail notifications. When you do, you can view in your email or right on the USPS website or app. On the website, you can see mail for up to seven days and packages for fifteen days after delivery. account page

The benefits for businesses

The USPS is offering a marketing component with Informed Delivery, and as of now it’s completely free (though the USPS states they “reserve the right to monetize new aspects of Informed Delivery in the future”). Business owners can use the service to reach their audiences in a few key ways:

Full color

While all of the mail piece images are in black and white, businesses can replace their image preview with a full-color image, which can be more eye-catching than grayscale images.

Brand awareness

General brand awareness is increased when the user sees your name, logo, or offer once in the morning email and again when they take the mail from the mailbox.

In-email links and CTAs

Add a link and call-to-action next to the mailer image and customers can head to your website right from the email preview. email notifications example

Getting Started

The USPS’s service is currently free, and with 2 million already signed up and thousands more joining every day, it’s an opportunity worth taking. We’re offering a full setup of your marketing plan with Informed Delivery, including:

Graphic design to create color ads and CTAs

Website landing pages to persuade the customer to complete a sale

Strategy to assure the overall efforts are guided toward the right goal

Mail distribution so that you don’t have to lift a finger for your mail to get to your audience

Ready to start marketing with Informed Delivery? Contact us now for more information.

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