Is Wix Better Than WordPress? 6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to WordPress

February 1, 2022

Wix vs WordPress – 6 Differences to be aware of in 2022

Is Wix better than WordPress? The answer may surprise you. We want to tell you about our 6 top benefits of WordPress, some compelling reasons why WordPress is so important for small business owners, and why you should use WordPress instead of Wix.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of website platforms out there to choose from. Choosing which one to use may not seem like a huge deal. But believe it or not, your website platform can actually put you at a significant advantage or disadvantage in terms of online success.

We meet a lot of small business owners who use Wix for their website management. We get it, Wix makes creating a website an easy process. But easy isn’t always the best option. Let’s take a look at the benefits of WordPress, and why you should choose WordPress over Wix as your website management platform.

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WordPress Benefit #1: WordPress is the most SEO-friendly Website Platform

Perhaps our favorite reason and arguably the most important reason why WordPress is so important, and why WordPress is better than Wix. WordPress is the most SEO-friendly website builder.

For starters, WordPress comes with a plethora of SEO tools and plugins that make search engine optimization a breeze. We especially find Yoast SEO to be among the best tools for WordPress SEO plugins.

Additionally, WordPress is built by experts with SEO at the forefront of the priorities list. The WordPress plugins, elements, and themes all work together seamlessly to provide a better experience for your website’s visitors. WordPress developers emphasize user experience (UX), mobile optimization, fast loading speeds, and ease of use. All of these contribute to an SEO-friendly website that Google loves to show off.

Contrast this with Wix, which is generally a hodgepodge of jumbled elements, headers, and bodies of text that don’t look appealing. This is because the user is in total control, opposed to a developer.

To add fuel to the fire, the mismatched elements on your Wix site can throw off your SEO results, especially when you’re not using your H1 or H2 headers properly, or utilizing features like meta titles, meta descriptions, and image metadata.

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WordPress Benefit #2: WordPress is Free

Aside from the hosting and domain fees for your website, WordPress starts at the price of free. Hosting is a service that stores all of your website data, while domain services sell you domain names.

Our Minneapolis Web Design company can design your custom WordPress site for you, as well as handle all of the complicated and tedious steps that go into getting you set up.

WordPress Benefit #3: WordPress has Competitive E-commerce Functionality

With the rising popularity and prevalence of e-commerce shopping, there couldn’t be a better time to make the transition from in-person, brick and mortar, or direct sales, to your very own e-commerce website.

WordPress pairs seamlessly with a plugin called WooCommerce which allows for your site to have e-commerce functionality. Everything is made easy from the design to the payment processing, the shopping cart, and product catalogs.

Our Minneapolis Web Design Experts understand the benefits of WordPress and have spent years building custom WordPress websites. With our help, you can quickly have your very own custom WordPress website that delivers the best-in-class user experience & SEO performance.

WordPress Benefit #4: WordPress is Easy to Use

WordPress is without a doubt a complex content management system with a ton of functionality. Despite this, it remains one of the easiest to use website building tools for beginner-intermediate users.

This is one feature of WordPress that makes it extremely popular. The backend of your website management is simplified into simple buttons in the dashboard such as posts, menus, pages, plugins, etc. The simplicity of the dashboard is a huge benefit of WordPress that keeps users coming back.

WordPress Benefit #5: WordPress is Totally Customizable

Another benefit of WordPress is its vast customizability. Built with the average user in mind, WordPress allows anyone to use it without needing to know code, web design, or computer science. Despite its simplicity, another benefit of WordPress is custom themes.

Developers can design custom themes in WordPress that give the website owner even more control over the look, design, functionality, fonts, colors,  and elements. The benefits of having a developer design your own WordPress theme are endless. The most notable being uniqueness.

A custom WordPress theme will stand out and help distinguish your business from the competition. With a theme that nobody else has, you’re sure to make a lasting impression on new visitors to your site who are researching your product or service. Custom WordPress themes are a huge reason why WordPress is so popular with agencies, developers, and web designers. It makes WordPress an important piece of the digital marketing puzzle.

Wix on the other hand does not have the luxury of being fully customizable like WordPress. This is why we always recommend ditching Wix for WordPress. Wix constrains the user to basic themes which can’t be changed around very much. In addition to that, most of these themes aren’t going to be optimized for search engines.

WordPress Benefit #6: You Can Create Any Kind Of Website

WordPress originally began as a blogging platform. But since its inception, it has evolved to accommodate dozens of possible website necessities. This makes WordPress one of the most versatile content management systems available. Helping to further answer the question of why WordPress is so important to small business owners.

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Conclusion & Why WordPress is so Important

This list really just scratches the surface of why WordPress is so important to us and our small business owner clients. But we thought these would be the best points to put in perspective why WordPress is the best CMS.

Despite Wix’s prolific marketing, ease of use, and affordability, we hope this information helps you make that transition from Wix to WordPress. The benefits of WordPress far outweigh the conveniences of Wix. Not only is WordPress more affordable, but it’s more optimized for search engines and can help your business be found much more easily.

We appreciate you reading this far! For help making the transition from Wix to WordPress, you can contact our Minneapolis Web Design Agency for a free digital marketing audit and proposal.

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