Zach West – Employee Spotlight

June 23, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Zach West

Zach West headshot This month, we shine the spotlight on our content writing machine, SEO tactician, and PPC fun guy—Zach West! He’s a pipe smokin’, tattoo-bearing, truly unique member of our team.

Zach joined our digital team over 3 years ago, bringing with him an amazing ability to truly understand our clients and their businesses and then showcase them in well-written copy.

Whether he’s writing super fun, creative copy for a website, contributing to a blog, or creating professional marketing copy, he nails it every time with unique, spot-on content that truly showcases our clients, regardless of their industry.

Zach is disciplined and dependable. He works well independently as well as being a true team player. He picks up slack where needed, trains other team members when needed, and is always willing to take on a last-minute project. 

Zach is often head-down and focused on his writing, but does like to shake it up a bit by playing and sharing some awesome tunes with the team. His nickname is “Spring Zach” – because the spring season is typically when his crazy side comes out. We also refer to him as ZACH ATTACK for his extraordinary ability to tackle any task he’s given.

Outside of CG Marketing Group, Zach’s primary passions include his beautiful wife, Karen, and their absolutely adorable daughter, Parker Jean! His dedication to both of them is awesome to watch!

Zach West holding his kid looking really cool with sunglasses

He’s also dedicated to his health and well-being. During COVID, Zach lost over 100lbs and bikes to work (when it’s not 100 frickin’ degrees outside).

Zach is one of those employees who absolutely holds our team together. He asks questions, shares his knowledge consistently, and does his job 100% each day. We are truly blessed to have this superstar on our team!

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