Integrated Marketing

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Integrated Marketing Solutions

Integrated Marketing is a custom strategy that combines traditional and digital marketing. It can include many channels such as print, email, direct mail, social media and PPC advertising and ends with immediate outcome reporting.

How It Works

We’ll start off by meeting with you to discuss your company goals, conduct database research, and begin to develop a unique strategy.

Next, we design a program to elevate your marketing results by using a digital strategy combined with personalized mailing and email marketing customized to each individual. Website landing pages will be created to record customer responses to the touchpoints.

Data Modeling

Our data modeling tool is an automated, easy-to-use tool that statistically profiles your best customers. Within minutes, your house file is matched against a comprehensive database of U.S. businesses or consumers to create a customized market penetration analysis.

The strength of it lies in the consumer and business demographic overlays that reveal more detailed information about your customers. This allows you to market to them, and to new prospects, more effectively. In three simple steps, you can purchase a list of prospects in your specific trade area that look just like your best customers!

Large Venue IP Targeting

Market to consumers at specific places and times

Venue Replay

Target retroactively with digital ads to consumers that have visited specific locations in the past – as far back as 6 months ago

Website Visitor Targeting

Identify & engage website visitors like never before:

  1. Identification: The visitor that showed interest in you is identified when their contact info is matched and the complete contact record is exported
  2. Act Instantly on Results: Using the data provided, Creative Graphics can assist you in engaging through multiple channels to connect with the same visitor that showed interest by going to your website
  3. Maximize Your Ad Performance: Once the campaign begins, the recipient will see your brand-specific messages and offers through your desired channels, which could include direct mail, email, digital display, and paid social media advertising
  4. Identification: The visitor that showed interest in you is identified when their contact info is matched and the complete contact record is exported
  5. Relevance sparks conversions: Enticed by the personalized marketing messages that contain relevant content previously viewed online, the recipient completes a purchase
  6. Expand Data Intelligence: You benefit from seeing the recipient return to your site to explore additional product and service offerings; thus continuing the multichannel marketing cycle

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We’re committed to growing your business by combining online technology tools with traditional print advertising.

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