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Social media marketing is a huge advantage to any company looking to connect with existing customers and connect with potential new ones. Best of all for small businesses, social media sites are free!

Using social media channels as a digital marketing tactic isn’t like using traditional strategies. Each site has a unique set of standards and audiences that expect to see certain styles of content.

If you really want to use social media to grow your customer base, you need a company like ours that has a history of helping small businesses succeed on social media.

About Our Social Media Management Services

If you want to use channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn to successfully promote your business, you need a planned marketing and content strategy.

We’ll create and manage your profile information, images, content and updates, and interact with users and give them the best experience with your organization and brand.

Photos and Graphics

Different social media accounts require various image sizes and ratios to have a clear image for your profiles and updates. We can create attractive graphics and edited photos to best represent your company.


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We’ll create a content calendar to plan out your posts and updates in advance. We’ll also create posts from scratch (original writing and images) and link to your website to drive more traffic.


Discussion and conversation are the core of social media. When done correctly, it can have an impact on your sales and customer base. Many clients prefer to handle customer interactions themselves, but we can interact with your audience if you’d prefer.

About Our Social Media Advertising Services

Social media sites give you the ability to advertise on their channels. We can target specific demographics and deliver a full report on how your ads performed. In addition, social media advertising can be inexpensive compared to Google Ads.

About Us

CG Marketing Group is a talented team of creatives and strategists who can make your business awesome. We like to have fun, but we’re very serious about print and digital marketing.

To sum us up in a single word — Scrappy. We’re always eager to branch out and apply new tactics to create successful campaigns. Our crew works hard to bring value, get results, and keep our clients happy. Contact us today to get your free consultation!

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