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Website development and design icon man and woman working on website pagesWe love well-designed websites. That’s why we offer web design as one of our digital marketing services! We make affordable, strategic websites that get up and running quickly so you can start making a good impression on customers.

5 Keys To Effective Website Design

You want a great website that draws people in and gives ROI? Your website needs to be:

1) Unique

There are half a billion websites on the internet. Yours needs to stand out. We’ll craft your site to be distinct, not cookie-cutter.

2) Simple

Our web team structures sites to be easy to read, simple to navigate and fun to use.

3) Accessible

Not showing up in Google searches? It’s not you – it’s your website. A revamped or brand new site can help boost your ranks so customers find you before your competitors.

4) Responsive

Your website should adjust to tablet and smartphone viewing. More people in the world use their phones for surfing the web instead of a desktop computer.

5) Secure

If your domain is currently using HTTP, you need to consider adopting HTTPS as soon as possible. People are hypervigilant about security these days and will be hesitant to trust you if your website is unsecure.

Our 6 Steps To Giving You A Fabulous Website

A lot goes into a website. That’s why we have a team that can do it all for you!

Tablet sitting on top of laptop

1) Platform

What program your website is created with. Ours is full of options to make your site unique, fast and efficient.

2) Design

How your site looks and feels. An impressive layout and graphics can boost the number of visitors.

3) Hosting

Where your website information is stored. Our hosting setup will always be very secure and very reliable.

4) SEO

How customers find your site on Google and other search engines. We’ll craft your text, images and layout to make sure you’re showing up to relevant searches.

5) Analytics

Measuring how well your site is performing. We use programs that track everything from the number of visitors to website conversions.

6) Revisions

Periodic changes in your site. Website trends can change often, so we’ll update your site to stay relevant.

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CG Marketing Group is a talented team of creatives and strategists who can make your business awesome. We like to have fun, but we’re very serious about print and digital marketing.

To sum us up in a single word — Scrappy. We’re always eager to branch out and apply new tactics to create successful campaigns. Our crew works hard to bring value, get results, and keep our clients happy. Contact us today to get your free consultation!

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