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Our Minneapolis branding agency will help you establish, design, and implement your own unique branding to help you stand out from the competition. What is branding? Branding is the process of uniquely differentiating yourself, your company, and your services from the competition using visual design and storytelling. 

Effectively branding your business can transform a dull, boring, and lackluster company image into something colorful, recognizable, and memorable. Your business’ branding (aside from great customer experience) is the part of your company that clients will remember the most.

Branding consists of your logo, color palettes, shape language, taglines, tonality, font, imagery, and positioning. It’s important to establish your brand identity early on so it can evolve in tandem with your business.

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Why Should You Implement Branding & Identity Marketing Into Your Small Business?

Business Branding Services Help Tell Your Story

Using brand storytelling can help you connect with your audience on a meaningful level while actively crafting your brand identity. Brand storytelling helps communicate your company’s beliefs and values to encourage true customer loyalty.

Your marketing should cater to the smallest possible audience. Your ideal audience will have the same values and beliefs as your company, making brand storytelling an essential part of developing a loyal customer following.

Branding Can Build Emotional Connections With Your Customers

In the book The New Paradigm for Connecting Brands to People, Marc Gobé first describes the now popular philosophy of emotional branding. Emotional branding appeals to our natural desires for love, connection, safety, etc. Altogether these desires can be stimulated by emotional branding in your marketing.

A brand identity that resonates with its ideal customer audience on an emotional level builds strong customer loyalty. Appealing to your customer’s emotional state, dreams, goals, and ego, can provoke emotional connection.

Business Branding Builds Confidence In Your Company

Branding your business confidently sends a clear message to your audience: you know what makes you unique, you have a clear intention, and you have a solid foundation that your company rests upon.

Your company’s core values will shine through in well-optimized branding, and that confidence will rub off onto your audience.

Branding Leads To Positive Change & Evolution

Branding or re-branding your small business can have a transformative effect on your overall image and identity. There are countless examples of businesses that have rebranded and emerged from the ashes revitalized and new.

Burger King logo redesignGoDaddy Logo redesignTGI Fridays logo redesignPopeyes logo redesign

Branding or even rebranding can leave lasting impressions on your audience. If we take a look at the new Burger King logo for example (right) you’ll notice it’s kind of retro… in a good way! Nostalgia is making a comeback in the last few years, and going back to a design like this can accomplish something fascinating. Nostalgia can transport Burger King’s customers into their childhood memories, motivating them to come back for a burger and get that feeling all over again.

Other great examples of logo redesign and intelligent branding exude elements of simplicity and minimalism. These are two dominating characteristics of modern logo design which leave customers feeling confident that this is a brand that keeps up with trends and is constantly evolving.

Branding Increases Your Company’s Inherent Value

A company with a strong identity in branding will appeal to customers who share similar beliefs, value modern business practices, and so much more. If you can appeal to your audience on any level (especially emotionally) in your branding, you’re likely to amass a loyal following who will do business with you for years to come.

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Why Should You Work With Our Minneapolis Branding Agency?

Satisfaction In Your New Branding Is Guaranteed

Branding is a science that CG Marketing Group is vastly familiar with. Our tenure in print and digital marketing has given us countless opportunities to bring new life to brands and revitalize their image. Our design team can make your brand stand out from the competition and ultimately result in a greater response from your audience.

Investing In Your Branding Is A Wise Long-Term Investment

A new identity for your brand can bring lasting impacts to your business for years to come. A single rebranding project is a one-and-done enterprise. Unless major changes happen in the world of design, your new look will bring positive evolution to your branding and messaging into the foreseeable future.

Our Design Team Is Diverse & Experts At Their Craft

CG Marketing Group has had the opportunity to help numerous companies reshape their image and distinguish themselves from their competition. Our long history comes has given us a long list of reference experiences to pull ideas and inspiration from.

Digital & Print Branding Services


Your company’s brand can largely be defined by imagining if your company was a person. We consider who your company “talks” to, how they interact, and how they look. Additionally, your brand’s personality includes things like beliefs, ideals, and core values. From this, we develop a branding guide to be used whenever your company has something to say online or in print.


Paper page describing what voice and tone isOur Minneapolis Branding Agency strategically gives your company a brand that will both make you unique and a strong player in your industry. We consider things like if your company can explain things better than others, if it should be professional or more personable, or if it portrays a witty friend or an inspirational mentor.

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The design in your brand isn’t just limited to your logo. Your design should be strong, unique, and consistent across your business cards, in-store displays, website – anything that is associated with your company.


The function of a logo has been used for thousands of years, from Roman banners to farmers branding their cattle. Today, every company that wants to be recognized has a logo.

American Flexible Products logo before and after redesign

We’ll design a logo for you that is unique and appropriately reflects your brand’s personality. Our graphic designers take into account your industry, your services, and what your customers will react to.


Colors can say a lot about what your business represents. Colors are also thought to encourage certain psychological states in viewers. Strong blues are good for some while pastel yellows are better for others. We make sure your colors are as unique as possible and aren’t used by well-recognized companies.


A typeface is a style of letters, commonly called a font. Our designers choose typefaces that fit a company’s messaging and personality. A tall and thin typeface will portray one expression, while a wide and flowing typeface says something completely different.

Examples of different fonts and typeface

Copy & Writing

If your company was a person, how would they talk to their friends and to strangers? How would they explain something or tell a joke? Our copywriters consider questions like these when creating a voice guide for your business.

We also check and double-check the grammar, punctuation, and clarity that come from your print and digital marketing materials.


Taglines are the short phrases that sit near a logo (Nike’s “Just Do It.” or McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It”). If your company needs a tagline, we’ll create one that is memorable, effective, and all-around fun to say.

(Slogans, on the other hand, are lines that are a part of a temporary ad campaign, like McDonald’s “One is the tastiest number.” to promote their dollar menu. We do these, too.)

Our Minneapolis Branding Agency

CG Marketing Group is one of the longest-standing marketing agencies in Minneapolis. We specialize in helping small businesses optimize their branding and identity and differentiate from the competition. With strong branding, your company will instantly become more recognizable, will develop deeper connections with your audience, will instantly increase in inherent and monetary value, and much more. Don’t neglect your identity, work with our Minneapolis Branding Agency today to see your business transform for the better.

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