SEO Audit Report

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With over 3 billion people using the internet to research, discover and buy, having a solid digital presence to compete isn’t just preferred – it’s necessary. And while it’s never been easier for your customers to leave your website and find your competition, it’s just as easy to improve your own digital presence.

You might not be aware of modern digital marketing practices, like how Google will boost your ranking if you adjust the content and function of your website, and that you can advertise on Facebook for dirt cheap while targeting the people who will likely buy your product.

What’s in Our SEO Audit Report

Links & Website Authority

Links play a big role in how your website ranks in search results. We pull together inbound link data and website authority with our specialized software in addition to utilizing our trusted partners, who are industry experts. We’ll also look at how you compare to competitors in your industry.

Search Rankings

We provide a detailed overview of how your website ranks in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Does your website appear on page one or page fifty? We’ll find out!

Local Business Listings

How easily can people find you when they’re near your business? You want your company to show up in the top results when people are within a certain radius of your location. We’ll run an audit of online directories to determine if you’re listed and your information is complete and consistent across the various data aggregators.

Reviews & Ratings

In this day and age, online customer reviews and ratings mean a lot. Positive word of mouth has always been a driving factor for successful businesses and can influence other potential customers. We’ll analyze your reviews and ratings and give you a report on your average scores in comparison to your competitors.

Google My Business

One of the top factors in local search engine rankings is an optimized Google My Business (GMB) profile. We’ll examine your GMB setup and show you how you rank against your competitors and other businesses in your local area.

On-Site SEO

Websites have a multitude of components that determine successful SEO. We analyze both visible (copy, images, etc.) and hidden (meta information, coding, etc.) elements to determine how user-friendly and relevant your website is to users.

Social Media Marketing

The more you socialize with your customers online, the more relevant you’ll be in search engines. A solid social media presence not only improves customer service, but it can also lead to more reviews online. We take an inventory of all your social media channels and give you a report on our findings.